Paris Famous Landmarks
The Arc de Triomphe.
RaziNapoleon's triumphal arch pack a big punch of French history.But the real thrill is the panoramic view from its 164-foot-high observation deck. Engraved around the top of the Arch are the names of major victories won during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods. The names of less important victories, as well as those of 558 generals...

HelenThis is a beautiful cathedral. The church is lit up beautifull in the night sky, and you can catch elusive glimpses of it as you climb the tribillion stairs to get up there (of course you can take the escalator, but that costs money!

RaziIn the Middle Ages it was the site of public executions. Most victims were hanged, drawn, and quartered; the lucky ones were burned at the stake. Following the short-lived restoration of the Bourbon monarchy in 1830, the building became the seat of the French government....

Eiffel Tower.
RaziParis most famous landmark was built by Gustava Eiffel for the World Exhibition of 1889.This is a truly special sight to behold in Paris - a must-see for any tourist. It's worth going to , simply because it's the icon of Paris.
To climb by foot (the cheapest way) or to take the lift, you must arrive early, as the line for this can be huge. I'ts a great view of Paris from the top.


Shopping in Paris

Window-Shopping is one of Paris's greatest spectator sports. Tastefully displayed wares luscious cream-filled éclairs, lacy lingerie, exquisite clothing, and gleaming copper pots-entice the eye and awaken the imagination. Happily, shopping opportunities in Paris are endless and geared to every taste.

For many, perfume and designer clothing are perhaps the most coveted Parisian souvenirs. Even on haute couture's home turf, however bargains are are surprisingly elusive.

When hunting for bargains, watch for the word soldes(SALE). The two sales seasons are January and July, when the average discount is 30% -50% off regular prices. Also look for goods marked dégriffé - designer labels, often from last year's collection, for sale at a deep discount.

Department Stores... thought a lot less fun than shopping in boutiques, department store are the great if you want everything in one roof. You'll get the biggest hit on boulevard Haussmann. Here, side by side, sit two venerable shopping institutions, Galéries Lafayette and Au Printemps both stock a huge array of big-name, international labels and have enormous perfumeries.

If you are hunting for linens, table settings, and high quality furniture the best place is Au Bon Marché located in the Left Bank.

Store Hours.. most are open Monday through Saturday from about 9:30 a.m to 7:00 p.m, and some are open until 10pm one weekday day.

My favorite store are the Galéries Lafayette and Au Printemps these stores are open Thursday night until 10:00 p.m

Getting Around Paris
Meet the Métro
Paris is relatively small city, and it's blessed with one of the most efficient and reasonably priced transit systems in the world. The Métro is used by some five and a half million passengers every day. It can get you accross town in less than half and hour, and the cost is negligible if you purchase one of several discount tickets available.

It runs from 5:30 am to 12:45 am and is an efficient, clean, reliable, quick, cheap, and safe means of getting around. Open Monday through Saturday from about 9:30 a.m to 7:00 p.m.

Getting Around by Bus
The beauty of buses is that they let you see a lot more Paris. The downside is that they are much slower than the Métro because they can get bogged down in traffic. Buses run Monday to Saturday from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm, but some have a reduced service on Sunday.
Light Bites and Munchies
Street Food in Paris
The quintessial French street food is the crêpe - a thin pancake served with just about any sweet filling you can imagine, from sugar to chocolate to cream to strawberries. Near most sightseeing attractions you'll find street carts selling crêpes with sugar or whipped cream and also don't forget to try the Parisian hot dog.
Basic French Vocabulary

S'il vous plaît
seel voo play
Thank you
You're welcome
De rien
deh ree-ehn
That's all right
ll n'y a pas de quoi
eel nee ah pah de kwah
Excuse me
Good morning
Good evening
bohn- swahr
Au revoir
o ruh-vwahr
Mrs (Ma'am)
ma - dam
Please to meet you
How are you?
Comment allez-vous?
kuh-mahn-tahl-ay voo
Very well, thanks
Très bien,merci
tray bee-ehn, mair-see
And you?
Et vous?
ay voo?


Best time to visit Paris
No matter which time of the year you choose to visit, Paris has something to offer. Most residents think the city is at its most ideal in spring and autum, when the weather is kind, the crowds reasonably sized.
Packing List

1. bags or luggage with wheels so that you can roll them easily in long Métro halls.

2. A good map of the city showing the
Métro stations.

3. A good walking shoes...
there are many attractions and superb sights in Paris so I strongly recommend the sports shoes. Paris is nice enough and everything is closed enough to walk just about everywhere.


Generally, Paris restaurant are open from noon to about 2 and from7:30 or 8 to 10 or 10:30. Brasseries have longer hours and often serve all day and late into the evening, some are open 24 hours.

The icolastic wine bars do as they want, frequently serving hot food only through lunch and cold assortments of charcuterie and cheese until a late-afternoon or early evening close.

Assume a restaurant is open unless otherwise indicated. Suprisingly, many restaurant close on Saturday as well as Sunday. July and August are the most common month for annual closings.

Tourist Traps

Cafes are the cheapest species in the French food chain but may leave you feeling ripped off. A croque-monsieur and frites (toasted han and cheese sandwich with fries) can routinely set you back $15 to $20.

It's unfortunate how many tourist go the cafe route hoping to save a few francs and return home convinced that French food is tragically overrated.

You'll probably be happier springing for a full bistro meal, at least once in a while.

Try to avoid restaurants that cater to tourists. Watch out if the menu is also in English or if the place has a sign...

Cabs...beware of cab drivers who appear friendly, but forget to tell you about the luggage surcharge, then take you...





Night Life

Youve immersed yourself in culture all day and you wan a night out on the town.

The hottest spots are near Menilmontant and Paramentier, the Basille, and the Marais. The Left Bank is definitely a lot less happening.

On weeknights, people are usually home after closing hours at 2 am. but weekends mean late-night partying.




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