Siene River

View Taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower Seine River that winds its way through the heart of the city. The city grew around the Seine River, which is constantly making its presence known - whether you're on the train or in the car - it seems that everything revolves around the Seine River

Bridges span the river at frequent intervals. They are things of beauty, especially the famous Alexander Bridge. Looking up the river one of the most attractive views discloses Notre Dame (ote'-r dahm) in the distance. Besides the many interesting buildings on the banks, the river has its own special sights.

One of the bridges has historic associations that call for special note, the Pont de la Concorde. This bridge was built of stones taken from the old Bastille. If these rough blocks could speak they would tell many harrowing tales of the black days of the French Revolution.

Nobody should leave Paris without seeing the city from the Seine. River Cruises are orientation tours in the sense that you'll suffer through sketchy commentary but get an unparalled look at the city's riverside building and momuments. Razi  taking video during our night cruise around the Seine RiverThe three largest companies that run boat trips are virtually interchangeable in terms of the length of their cruises (1 hour), the quality of their commentaries, and their routes(passing all the sights). The difference in price is also negligible, so you should just take the one with the handiest location.

We tried the night cruise. The Siene is at its most dramatic when the street lamps reflects on the water and all the monuments are illuminated with spotlights.

River cruise line during the daytime



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